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GordAlex does:

Advisory work, System Delivery and Operational Professional Services


Whatever Industry, Vertical or Business you need help with.

To get our customers “fixes” for their problems;

 We have done:

Nuclear Visibility.

A customer in the nuclear industry had a problem with seeing underwater – so rather than trying to get better cameras, we proved that technology from the Defence Sector would do the job without any need for light AT ALL!

GordAlex brings the best skills with a mixture of diverse backgrounds and experience to give our clients with unique fixes to their specific problems. 

International New Business Security.

A customer in a new business sector needed help with their holistic security strategy. When we did the analysis for them we identified that some of their biggest business threats were not from theft or Cyber attack but from legislative challenges in certain domains due to the way they were set up. We worked with the board to deliver a new design to the business and a compartmentalised security giving “defence in depth” that was better than would have been possible under their old business structure.

Maritime Data Services.

A customer has a maritime data problem which we designed and pulled together a candidate solution (possible fix) for. Our approach was to use technology and integration from a mix of defence and civilian elements used in other sectors, pulling it together in a way that had never been used in this industry before.


To meet our customer’s operational needs;

We supply:

Technical & Cyber Security.

Through in house specialists and best in class strategic partners, GordAlex can deliver advice through to OSINT and technical cyber security implementation. While focusing on the priorities of PEOPLE – PROCESSES and then – TECHNOLOGY.


The systems are tested and demonstrated capabilities to locate, intercept, interrogate and then capture drones by remote control. We can counter drones that are being used for illegal reconnaissance, delivery, electronic and direct attack into sensitive security locations.

Location & Tracking.

In addition to the traditional GPS GSM tracking technologies which GordAlex can deliver, we also have access to several specialist systems,  which can meet many different operational challenges.

Digital Media.

GordAlex Digital Media (GDM) is your specialist marketing delivery partner across all sectors. The GDM team is led by our digital media marketing manager. He was trained and certified by one of the world’s top digital marketing gurus.

Online Sales

GordAlex also has an online retail capability delivering some of the state of the art products to the wider public who can benefit from GordAlex tested technologies. Go to our sales site to look at our products in a traditional retail format. If you are from the criminal justice sector please contact GordAlex directly for your special discount offers.

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