Some advisors delight in the creation of “a Dark Art” or “Mythology” around aspects of security. This is perpetuated, on occasion, to protect commercial interests, sometimes through ignorance. We work with our clients to “cut through” these confusions.


Some advisors delight in the creation of “a Dark Art” or “Mythology” around aspects of security. This is perpetuated, on occasion, to protect commercial interests, sometimes through ignorance. We work with our clients to “cut through” these confusions.

Technical & Cyber Security.

Through in house specialists and best in class strategic partners, GordAlex can deliver advice through to technical cyber security implementation while focusing on the priorities of PEOPLE – PROCESSES and then – TECHNOLOGY.

We are not about “geeking out” on technology; simply acting as your guide, advisor, supplier and delivery partner. GordAlex work’s with you every step of the journey to ensure you get what you need and nothing more. We take the mystery out of the “C” word – cyber.

OSINT & data fusion.

Delivered in a modular set of options, the system can manage basic unclassified data fusion to operational and intelligence support in classified environments. It is an operational, self-learning, AI driven, sense making system that imports and manages disparate data from structured, unstructured and live sources.

Sensors and Imaging.

One of GordAlex’s specialist areas is advice on and delivery of non-optical advanced sensors and imaging in a wide variety of challenging environments. 

The GordAlex team has expertise in digital imaging with optical, non-optical and advanced sensors for air, land and underwater. This experience includes operational and instructional qualifications in military imagery intelligence. With deliveries into Critical National Infrastructure.

Location & Tracking.

In addition to the traditional GPS GSM tracking technologies of the commercial off the shelf world (which GordAlex can deliver), the following specialist systems are available to meet some additional client’s location challenges:

Mobile device location and tracking.

This capability detects, alerts, locates and then tracks devices by their emissions of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GSM. The device(s) cannot only be located and tracked in near real time but can be identified from their digital signatures. Accuracy is down to 1 meter in typical circumstances.

This is achieved by distributing a number of RF sensors around the target area. These sensors can be permanent fixtures or in a mobile deployable weather proof box for temporary or short term use. While legal aspects are for the customer to validate, the capability meets the current RIPA guidelines as understood.

Personal carry alert trackers

These devices when combined with the above capability give a control centre real time operating pictures of where staff are, as well as providing an emergency alert system.

Non GSM asset management tracking.

Through the use of both deployed and our own network technology, we deliver the world’s first multi-bearer SigFox and Lora tracking devices. Giving low observability from emissions, low power requirements (meaning very long battery life and no dependence on GSM networks) our products greatly reduce cost while enhanced reliability of connections. These technologies are compatible with both of the above capabilities.


The technology is a tested and demonstrated operational capability. It locates, intercepts, interrogates and then captures by remote control, drones that are being used for illegal delivery into sensitive security locations, including Surveillance, C2I, delivery of items and potentially weaponised payloads.

The technology detects, interdicts and captures the drone’s command system thus enabling it to be controlled. All this is achieved while the drone is still airborne.

Tested at ranges up to a kilometre.

Digital Media.

GordAlex is your specialist Digital Media delivery partner across all of our sectors. Digital media marketing and optimisation is offered by our team, led by a specialist trained and certificated by one of the world’s top digital marketing gurus.

In the modern world of business digital and social media, presence is no longer optional. Whilst separate, and yet born from the digital security offerings or GordAlex core. GordAlex Digital Media (GDM) offers consultancy, insight, analysis, training and delivery of digital marketing to our clients both SME and corporate.

We use in house, partner and best in class third parties.

GordAlex maintains an ongoing relationship with the Client organizations

The Process

Each of the stages of the process for investigation and resolution has its own discrete activities. To understand more please contact us.

 The individual phases of the process are:

1.      Investigate

2.      Manage risk

3.      Manage issues

4.      Define real v perceived risks and issues

5.      Detailed collaborative investigation:

5.1.   To phase 1 problem fix

5.2.   Then wider business investigation

5.3.   Stable solution

6.      Stabilised secure and in good shape 

7.      Through life support

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